What proposals could the Trojan DAO process?

All the decisions that the Trojan DAO executes are initiated by proposals; proposals are submitted by agents and are then voted on with a “yes” or “no” by the existing Trojan DAO members. Through executing proposals, the Trojan DAO can do almost anything that the collective imagination of it’s participants direct it to do, including:

  • funding an exhibition

  • partnering with another organization

  • hiring individuals to perform certain tasks

  • flashfunding an activistic intervention

  • or even supporting the creation of shared infrastructure like an art and/or residency space

What other use-cases and types of proposals can you envision the Trojan DAO taking on ?

@joulia_strauss , @denise.thwaites , @duncan , @Kostas , @Filipposvasileiou , @wasil ,et al?

Publishing and translating material for cross-cultural pollination? :slight_smile:


asking existing cultural institutions to transform by switching to Trojan DAO

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