Welcome to Trojan!

About Trojan

Trojan is a Grant-giving DAO to support art on Ethereum.

Institutions are expensive, slow and boring.
We don’t want to create an institution to advance our goals, who needs them anyway¯_(ツ)_/

In line with our DIY ethos, we forked the Moloch DAO contracts and launched our own DAO interface for our community on July 23, 2019. Trojan was first presented at the ETHBerlin Conference Conversations on Art+Blockchain.

A community of like-minded people, sponsors, artists & futurists pool funds and resources together to distribute grant funding and support for art projects on Ethereum, towards the ultimate long term goal of cultivating an open framework where artists are in control of their own presence, and output, to imagine different ways to value, design and organise our creative practices.

Support for grant applicants beyond funding can include finding teammates to join projects, feedback, finding potential funding and collaboration opportunities, as well as leveraging other resources that can be hard to quantify, such as experience, skills, or even on-the-ground resources such as exhibition or project spaces.

We believe that art is a pioneering force in radical economic experimentation!
We believe in building community and distributing opportunities in helping each other succeed.

The members of the DAO will be curated to ensure only projects in line with our shared goals benefit from the coordination that the DAO provides.

Trojan DAO will seek to create revenues through non-rent-seeking means such as NFT sales, so as to form a sustainable, incentive aligned ecosystem between participating projects.

What gets us excited /what we fund:

  • Inspirational art projects on Ethereum

  • Blockchain applications that help artists to create, have our work discovered, share resources, and earn from our art

  • Educational material, original research & publications on art+blockchain

  • Events eg. Art+blockchain Exhibitions, community gatherings, Hackathons and festivals

The Trojan Forum

The Trojan forum is created for public discussions about ongoing grant proposals and potential proposals to be funded. Members and non-members are welcome!

Use the forum to:

Introduction threads

:heart: Introduce yourself thread: If you are new to the Trojan DAO community or have been around for a while, come and introduce yourself to the rest of the community!


⛮ To become a Trojan DAO member you can either pledge (donate) ETH as a Patron, create a Grant Proposal, or make a proposal for work that is aligned with Trojan’s mission.

The Patrons (= Donors in Moloch DAO terms), the applicants for Grant funding (= Grantees in Moloch DAO terms) and individual contributors join the DAO based on proposals from the existing members (= Members in Moloch DAO terms).

:gear: How to create a Grant proposal: If you have a project that you think Trojan would want to fund or support in any way, please check out the instructions on how to create a funding proposal.

How to become a Patron: You can become a Trojan Patron member by pledging tribute (donation) that is redeemable for voting shares in the DAO. Patrons gain early access to participating project’s NFTs through Trojan’s “Art Offering”.

Check out How to create a membership proposal to learn how to become a Trojan DAO member.

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