Trojan Talks + Meetup for Berlin Blockchain Week

Trojan gathering during Berlin Blockchain Week:

A meetup to discuss the intersections of Art and DAOs

August 22
Hackesher Markt

During Berlin Blockchain Week, we would like to invite those interested in the intersections of DAOs and art to come together, meet and talk about projects they are building or research they are involved in. Planning to set up a series of talks plus social time with some drinks.

The goal of this round-table is to explore the potential of DAOs for artistic and cultural ventures, interrogating how democratic, collective governing can create a sustainably funded art world outside of the current institutional and bureaucratic frameworks.

there is a good chance that we can get this together at Hackesher Markt, on the evening of August 22nd.

If anyone has leads for any other venues that could possibly host us, or speakers who would be interested to participate, let us know!

Provisional text: