Trojan folklore

JULY 2019

Trojan was launched on Jul 23, 2019 as a community DAO to coordinate grant funding to advance, support and grow art projects on Ethereum.
Our introduction article on Medium.


Trojan DAO made its first public presentation at the Conversations on Art+Blockchain Conference at EthBerlin.

Trojan DAO organised the Conference Let’s talk about the art Economy: DAOs meet the Art World as part of Berlin Blockchain Week


Our team was awarded 1st prize in the Token Engineering track and Silver award Winner of the Winners at Diffusion Berlin.

Trojan organizes Interface art exhibition at The Year of DAOs event at DevCon V in Osaka, Japan, inviting collaborators Blocumenta and Bitfwd.


During 2020 Trojan DAO focused on supporting community projects and workshops in line with our shared mission of advancing art on Ethereum.