Trojan DAO at Japan Blockchain Week, Osaka

INTERFACE multimedia exhibition for The Year of DAOs conference in Osaka

The first art exhibition to be curated through a DAO!

Sunday, 6 October @ 13:00-18:00

Osaka Blockchain Week

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INTERFACE invites coders and blockchain developers experimenting with artistic ideas, artists who are working on creating new use cases for their art through blockchain, and conceptual artists who are pushing the boundaries of art and tech concepts, to participate in this shared experiment of exploring the boundaries between DAOs-as-Art and Art-as-DAOs.

Interfaces are designs that combine — and translate — signs and signals, encoding the procedures that make possible the interconnection and interoperation between organic and artificial beings, natural systems and machines, the physical and the cybernetic. Interfaces are the results of the interactive shapings and reshapings of the energetic boundaries between communicative agents. Interfaces channel cybernetic signalings, loops of feedback informing the energetic ritual organization of power between ourselves and others, blurring boundaries between once artificially separated areas of thought.

With the emergence of Web 3.0, and as the current developments in design and technology are increasingly dissolving the boundaries between art and design, the interface comes into sharp focus as its own aesthetic subject and artistic medium.

Curatorial note

INTERFACE provides an opportunity to cultivate a globally distributed DAO, as we leverage the creative and blockchain communities established through Trojan DAO (Greece), Blocumenta and Bitfwd (Australia) in this collaborative DAO-as-Artwork. In July 2019, the Blocumenta Blockathon co-presented with Bitfwd, demonstrated how creative experiments provide a unique opportunity to on-board and enhance distributed community-building (See articles published by Daniel Bar, Tom Terado, Jenny Jingjing Li and Denise Thwaites). INTERFACE resurrects and recycle the Bitfwd DAO deployed for Blocumenta Blockathon, using this existing infrastructure to pollinate further art hackathons and art events at various locations into the future, such as Athens, Canberra, and beyond. In doing so, it continues, connects and records the interactions of different creative DAO projects from across the globe, mapping their lineage as they evolve and cross-pollinate.

The INTERFACE experiment, as the first art exhibition to be curated through a DAO, establishes a small but interesting proof of concept of how DAOs can be used to collectively curate exhibitions and collaborative art projects, and offer the participants a hands-on experience in interacting via a DAO structure, so as to create a “Decentralised Autonomous Exhibition”.

The experience provides a template for future events and exhibitions that can raise funds, are organised and curated as DAOs (Decentralised-Autonomous-Exhibitions).

After the end of the exhibition, what remains in place is a DAO infrastructure and a network of agents, who can choose to continue to use the DAO for their own purposes, so as to perhaps decentrally coordinate the creation of other events, or use it for other collectively identified causes. The temporary communities that are created in events such as those taking place during Osaka Blockchain Week, can very well evolve into more sustained ones, that include networks between audiences, artists, sponsors, and other agents on the ground with key resources, to emerge.

The project was conceived of and developed by artists participating in the @Trojan DAO. Production was sponsored by the @MolochDAO team.

The artist fees for winning proposals, were sponsored through Genesis DAO, voted on and distributed through the @blocumenta DAO, which built on DAOStack and deployed on Alchemy - making the INTERFACE exhibition an example of a true inter-DAO ecosystem collaboration!

Featuring artists:

Flippos Vasileiou

Yiannis Pappas

Michelle-Marie Letelier


Martin Lukas Ostachowski @ArtByMLO

Jonathan Fry @jonathanfly

Exhibition info and catalogue:

Huge thanks to @evabeylin for organizing an epic Year Of The DAOs event on behalf of @MolochDAO! 👹

The DAO family continues to grow and get more fun 😜@meta_cartel @OrochiDAO @YangDAOofficial @TrojanDAO @nowdaoit ♥️

— Ameen Soleimani 👹 (@ameensol) October 6, 2019

Packed room with Moloch worshippers at the first event of #Devcon5 Year of DAOs: Moloch Rises

— 👹 Moloch (@MolochDAO) October 6, 2019
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