Some suggestions for onboarding processes

I would like to suggest that we have meetings at specified weekly intervals where we discuss every new proposal that is put forward to the DAO, where we invite the proposers (teams or individuals) to present an introduction to the community.

The thinking behind this idea is not to replace the discussion on proposals in the forum (scripta manen), but is one more step to avoid any information asymmetries in the introduction process.

Looking forward to everyone else’s thoughts on this. Is this an effective way to establish “first contact” when onboarding new projects? Are there other DAO protocols to this effect that we can implement?

I like this proposal but want to recommend an amendment. We’re already “supposed to” be having weekly meetings (whatever that means) but we (or, at the very least, I) frequently miss them. So maybe rather than making this a weekly call, we can hold it on an “as needed” basis. That nitpick aside, I support!