So what is a DAO anyway?

The Trojan DAO is a DAO for the art/cultural community, a DAO as an artwork, an intervention into the cultural economy, a social sculpture, a decentralised performance!

…But what is a DAO?

Ill start this thread where we can contribute simple explanations of what a DAO is, as a resource and starting point for newcomers, but also really looking forward to all the different definitions that we can come up with from different perspectives:

Here’s mine:

In simple terms a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a set of protocols encoded transparently on the blockchain, that define how a network of peers coordinate the deployment of shared resources towards a shared set of objectives.

Here is a great explanatory article:

Here is a very interesting angle on DAOs by

"In medieval times “guilds” arose as a means to subvert feudalism - a social system comprised largely of conflicting and overlapping allegiances to various royals & nobles. The “guild” enabled people to organize themselves with more efficiency than if they relied solely on their Nobles & Knights. Instead of allocating resources solely within the confines of basic feudalistic hierarchies, crafters and merchants began trading their goods and services directly among one another, across various territories. This gave rise to the first “common market”.
The emergence of distributed networks, like Ethereum, can potentially fill a similar gap by providing a mechanism for coordination that extends beyond local communities, giving rise to new forms of “common sovereignty”. "

Looking forward to finding out what everyone else can come up with!

It is striking how much this desciption of the “gated” medieval feudalistic system reminds me of the current global art world/market. It certainly has its class of “Nobles and Knights”.