Proposal for a proposal to Burning Man Global Art Grant

This is a proposal to co-create a proposal for the Burning Man’s Global Art Grants. The deadline is 18 December 5:00 pm Pacific Time, so let’s have it finished till 17 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas for the final Letter of Intent.
The basic idea is: A multidisciplinary festival with the participation of multiple art spaces and communities residing in Athens plus an art & blockchain conference. Each community will participate with a proper project, be it an interactive installation, a performance or a workshop. A decentralized residency program will empower some of these communities that will seek collaboration for the materialization of their artwork. The festival will be decentralized in nature with an emphasis on alternative economic models that bypass the classic markets approach. All the budget and allocation of work needed will be managed and processed via the blockchain-based Trojan DAO in a transparent, horizontal and fair way. The projected timeline for the festival to happen is mid-May to mid-June of 2020.
Since I’m not very active in this forum or in the DAO, I will learn the process real-time as we develop this proposal.




Hey Vangelis!
We are totally into this! We ( Sofia & Joss) are seeking more spaces to showcase our work, and a scenario of funky distributed collaborations, which in the end also help the TrojanDAO brand, is perfect for us.
We are based in Scandinavia and could either produce something here, or go to Athens to work together.

We close operations for 2019 this weekend, but would consider working Monday 16th from 11h to 16hCET for this if you’re up for it!
Awesome for posting this!! :muscle::cupid::crystal_ball:

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can those red lines be giant neon lights?!?!??!?!???!?!
then the horse starts burning from those lines exploding or similar, and starts disintegrating in that sort of geometrical way??!??!

Hi Vangelis,
This is great proposal to ideate!
I am totally excited about the possibility of the DAO discovering ways to engage with funding bodies beyond the crypto-space. And for putting the DAO structure to use for decentralized art festival coordination. What a great proof of concept! I think this will be great learning experience for all of us.
What are the next steps?
Should we set up a community call to begin processing this idea?

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Let’s see what each one within this forum can contribute be it creative ideas or practical work. For now we just need to form the letter of intent which I can manage and then see how we can enrich the text with ideas making the concept more concrete. My question is, is there gonna be a central piece like this trojan horse for example? If so, who is going to be responsible for the realisation? We can make a community call, not sure though if it’s needed in this step.

I think that scheduling a community call focused on this proposal would be the best way to start cultivating it, and reaching out to existing members of the DAO to be involved. Are you up for that?

In the meantime we can also create a google doc to drop the text in and open up to contributions!

Ok, who’s up for tomorrow 3:00 PM Athens Time?

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premonition from 2011??
(thanks @TheRealRobness)

By the way im not proposing that we build a giant horse, but these are too good not to repost here

Im up for setting up the call and inviting anyone who would like to contribute to the first step of ideation: I took the initiative to generate a calendar invite to the call here:

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I really don’t know how to use this calendar, just random events appearing for me in general :roll_eyes:

No problem, the invite is for 3PM EET. The conference room will be at

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Hello! We aren’t available tomorrow for a call, but if you make the document, count us in with an intent to run a Laboratory of Donated Dreams (or donated ‘Somethings’, because we’ll adjust to the occassion).
The concept here is loved and trusted by us .
Would this be enough for the intent part?

During the call we began to compose the letter of intent here. The document includes call notes :

Heads up! The call to go over the proposal one last time before submitting is set for 11AM EET, December 18!

All contributions, topics around the proposal are greatly welcome for us to cover durinbg the call! Remember, this is only for the letter of intent stage, the final proposal towards Burning Man Global Grants will be next! This will be submitted in January.

We are working on the Burning Man Art Grants proposal for the festival that we as a DAO will organise in autumn 2020 and we invite the community to brainstorm on a name for this project. The brief description is: A decentralised multidisciplinary art festival focusing on alternative economies, the Commons and public spaces, involving communities in Athens, plus an art & blockchain conference, to be organised through the Trojan DAO, culminating in a one-month period from mid-October to mid-November of 2020. We are sending the letter of intent before 5:00 PM Pacific Time today. Bring on your brain juice to create create a catchy brand

So, this is the final proposal for the grant. Read it carefully as we will have to build on that!

Name of Project/Program
Trojan DAO Decentralised Art Festival

Lead Artist Full Name (if different from Burner Profile)

How Many Years Lead Artist Active

Lead Artist Identifies As
Activist,Artist,Community Organizer,Maker

Project Created by Artist Group

Artist Group, Collective or Organization Name
Trojan DAO

Years Artist Group Active

Artist Group Business Structure

Artist Group Has Board of Directors

Number of Board Members

Applying as part of Regional Group?

Project Website

Artist Group Website

Which of the following best describes the status of your project
Proposed Concept

Attended a Regional Event?

Which Regional Event

How Did You Hear About Global Art Grant Program?

Project / Program Summary
A decentralised community-organized multidisciplinary arts festival, and an art & blockchain conference, culminating in a one-month period from mid-October to mid-November of 2020, in Athens. The festival is organised through a novel coordination mechanism, a DAO.

Primary Location: City/State

Primary Location: Country

Physical Description
The program seeks to put a spotlight on burning issues such as alternative economies, the Commons and public spaces. It will manifest decentrally through collaboration with local art communities/spaces. Each community will participate with their own proposed project of work created for the festival, be it an interactive installation, a performance or a workshop. It will look like a living organism, a social sculpture, spreading through Athens and beyond.

Activities include:

Projects in the public space: Site-specific and community-specific art projects and in-situ installations.

Workshops: Leading up to and during the festival, we plan to organise a series of hands-on workshops exploring topics relating to the application of blockchain technology to empower autonomous art practices. Giving local participants the tools to launch their own DAOs and tools that they can utilise for development of new works at the intersection of blockchain and art. Furthermore each community will have the opportunity to propose their own workshops as part of the program.

Conference: We invite members of the local and visiting artistic communities, blockchain researchers, and guest speakers from both fields, to explore topics surrounding alternative art economies and the potential impact of distributed technologies as they relate to peer production– based approaches on cultural work by bringing together discussions on art, code, activism, and community.

Project Interactivity
Interactivity with the DAO:
All the budget and allocation of work needed will be managed and processed via the blockchain-based Trojan DAO infrastructure in a transparent, participatory, horizontal and fair way.
A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is a novel organizational model. It is a blockchain-based infrastructure for participating agents to coordinate funding, labor, time and social capital. The governance of DAOs are distributed, with all funds and assets managed immutably and transparently on-chain via smart contracts. There’s no board of directors, nor is there central control of the organisation. As such they resemble living adaptive organisms more than traditional organizations, and are inherently an activist and political tool. The festival offers an experimental first proof of concept for the use of DAOs in cultural organization, that responds to several key stress points in the cultural economy, such as the high bureaucratic costs, and concentration of agency in the hands of a few, that is the norm in big art events.
The Trojan DAO, is an interactive artwork in itself. Participants interact with this socio-cybernetic sculpture in order to make decisions collectively and allocate resources for the purposes of the festival.
The transformative potential of every new set of tools depends on how they are put to use, and the ways in which they are co-shaped through the concerns, imperatives and visions of those who use them.
The blockchain infrastructure we are developing is just one part of a living system in constant flux. Without the social layer, building together with the community, we could not hope to succeed in the quest for the perfect Web3 tools design. We turn our attention to the conditions necessary to create together and live together.

Interactivity with public:
All events of the festival will be freely accessible to the public.
In respect to the audience, all events will be public and participatory. In the context of the festival there will be a series of public workshops taking place, that will engage with local audiences educating about creative use of blockchain tools as an artistic medium, in relation to organisation of artistic production, but also their impact more broadly in society beyond art.
Furthermore participants will be encouraged to create works that engage with the public in interactive ways, breaking down the barriers between public and creators, in any way they see fit.
Each participating community will explore their own ways to engage audiences.
A website with the program and an interactive map, an interactive mobile application and mini installations around the city will create a crossover between the physical and the digital realms by gamifying the public’s experience of navigating the city, enabling access to information on the local scene connecting the dots between the locations, the projects and the involved communities.

The festival is a decentralized community-organized initiative. From its conceptualization, organizational structure (governance), funding mechanisms, production methodology and manifestation, the project is fully collaborative.
We invite projects, local artistic communities, visiting artistic initiatives, spaces, technologists teams and other blockchain and DAO actors, public institutions and individuals with specific organizational roles, to participate as stakeholders through the collaborative DAO structure, in the governance, decision making and realisation of the festival.
On the ground, we wish to involve a network of collaborating groups and spaces. These can be informal groups and cooperatives, but also institutions such as Niarchos Foundation, Onassis Foundation, Athens University of Fine Art, although there hasn’t been an example of a DAO being funded or partnering with a cultural institution, it is a challenge we wish to tackle.

On the level of infrastructure development, our team consists of blockchain developers and members who have been involved in other blockchain-art initiatives.

For the festival we will seek to collaborate with other DAOs and development teams such as Blocumenta and FestDAO, for co-production,and provision of other resources like expertise and practical support

Eventually the festival will be self-organised and co-cultivated by the local communities involved, with the Trojan DAO acting as the coordination mechanism.

The local community will essentially BE the festival.

Beyond participating communities, partners can be contributors financially or with other resources, such as spaces, materials, or expertise, for the materialization of the festival. They are invited to join the DAO structure and take part in the decision making for the allocation of funds. Partners will also be featured on the communication material, website etc.

Volunteers will help in setting up the activities of the program and facilitate the interactions between the local communities, visiting participants and the audience functioning as the synapses of the festival within the collective organism.

Describe how your project fits Global Art Grants mission
You will help in the emergence of a new paradigm for art organization. There are many challenges to face along the way, and hopefully many small victories to celebrate. Creating a DAO for art means creatively developing a new model, and pioneering uncharted territory together. This is after all an experiment whose outcome is uncertain. One thing that we are sure of is that is going to provide an intense learning experience for everyone involved.

Our long term vision through the Trojan DAO is to help create a more open, participatory democratic and fair art world. As partners, Burning Man Global Arts Grants will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the workings of a DAO, and participate in this innovative experiment. The conclusions drawn will function as a blueprint for future experiments on applying decentralised governance for cultural funding in impactful ways . Who knows, maybe Burning Man Global Grants may be influenced to transform itself into a DAO some day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Funding Request

Estimated Total Budget

Applying for single art project or program?

Have you previously applied for a grant?

Previously Applied to Which Program

Year last applied

Have you previously received funding?

Year and project funded

SG Session ID

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Please click the link below to access your file. Larger files can take longer to upload, so if your file isn’t immediately available please try again in a few minutes. If you are still unable to access your file after 30 minutes please contact the survey administrator:

Please click the link below to access your file. Larger files can take longer to upload, so if your file isn’t immediately available please try again in a few minutes. If you are still unable to access your file after 30 minutes please contact the survey administrator: