Trojan DAO

Members: How to submit proposals to the DAO and vote

Members can login via web3 at to submit proposals.

Proposals can only be submitted and voted on by existing Trojan members. If you’d like to join Trojan to participate in governance, read how to become a member .

Once proposals have been submitted, members have 7 days to vote, followed by a 7 day grace period. If members are unhappy with the results of a vote, they can ragequit within the grace period and withdraw their funds from the Guild Bank.

Voting can be done using a member address (eg. Gnosis Safe, hardware wallet) or members can assign a delegate key for greater convenience (eg. Metamask).

When a vote is passed successfully, applicants receive their requested voting shares and become members of Trojan DAO. These shares allow applicants to participate in subsequent governance.

Voting shares are redeemable for wETH from the Guild Bank. The value of shares is indicated on the Trojan DAO interface. If implementers choose to withdraw all or a portion of shares they must ragequit those shares from the DAO,which they are able to do at any time.