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Introductions thread

If you are new to the Trojan DAO community or have been around for a while, come and introduce yourself to the rest of the community!


Hello DAO world!
I’m here because I’m part of the world wide movement for democratization of art. I’m participating in TrojanDAO workshop in Athens.
I’m an artist and also I organize Avtonomi Akadimia

Currently i’m working on establishing a legal entity of public gardens in europe this is what we are collaborating on with TrojanDAO.


Heey everyone, happy to be here!

I’am Haythem Sellami, currently working as full time solidity developer with Coinsence, part of Trojan DAO team, member of DAO incubator, also a contributor in developing Kredits DAO.

I believe DAO’s can make a huge impact on our daily life and on how we manage to do different kind of tasks.

Glad to be part of this :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

Im James Duncan, or just Duncan… been super involved in the Ethereum space for a little over a year and a half now. I am absolutely stoked on the ideas culminating in this community. Met James Simbouras in Berlin last winter and he graciously invited me to participate in helping launch the TrojanDAO project.

Currently living in LA and working on (dev tools), also involved in promoting the idea of an AppDAO.

Hmu if you wanna chat sometime.



sup, I am Peter from the MetaCartel, working on MetaCartel DAO, Yang DAO and a few others DAOs.


Hi everybody!

I’m Denise. I’m a curator and researcher from Australia, interested in community-engaged digital art practices, archives and alternate economies. I am part of Blocumenta, which recently hosted an event at Artspace Sydney. Really happy to be a part of the Trojan community!

Denise :slight_smile:


Hi Dao community
I am Filippos vasileiou i leave in Athens and i am an artist… i work with activisms and with performance and vitual art i was in the beginning of this Idea that james had and i am interested for one autonomous economy community i wish you the best and i will be happy to be part of this community !!!


Hi James- I also live in LA. I’m in Athens right now but heading back on Wednesday. Nice to meet you. ilana


Hi community. I’m Ilana Simons. I live in LA and I am a visual artist and psychologist. I’m interested in knowing more about this community and meeting interesting people.


Hi Trojan DAOists!

I’m Daniel, founder of Working on social, mobile and consumer applications in crypto and we’ve been organizing the #Blockathon for 3 years now. Currently in the process of preparing an online Blockchain Hackathon platform with DAOstack Alchemy: KoalaDAO #Blockathon.

I see some familiar friends here and happy to join the Trojan community!



Hi everyone, Adam Reese here.

Along with some folks who have already posted on this thread, I’ve been working to push the Trojan Foundation forward, to help it become a more realized (and of course on-chain) entity.

When James Simbouras first contacted me about this project, I was surprised–I’d somehow expected it to take longer for the blockchain space to meaningfully intersect with the arts. And yet here we are.

So in the interest of keeping this message somewhat brief, let me just say that I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all as we take this fantastic organization to the next level!

Much love,


Hello DAO Community!

I’m glad to introduce myself and I’m looking forward to meet you in the future. My name is Marta Lodola, I’m an italian visual and performance artist based in Berlin. Since two years I work on my ongoing project ACTIONS AGAINST BORDERS #1 BREAKING POINT , you can visit the public archive here

I feel extremely honoured to be here with you.


Hey Im EXHuman,
I am an enthusiast of the NFT and DAO world. In cooperation and courtesy of MetaCartel DAO and Peter Pan, we will be forking Moloch to create Axie Cartel DAO. DAO for the gaming community and external developers in the world of Axie Infinity.

In addition, my wife painting canvas that capture the NFT tokens in our reality. Her works can be viewed on my twitter ( Our last action is live painting on the Dlive MetaCartelDAO’s Amigo Guy during his inter-dimensional journey to the world of ETH.

Great to meet u all <3


Hi Ilana, thank you for visiting our nascent forum, and for your interest in our project! We’re working on assembling more descriptive materials, but in the meantime, you can start by checking out our site:


Hi! I am NastaOftheBeasts. I create performances in Greece and Iam participating in the DAo workshops in Athens. I am happy to be part of this group and am eager to see changes in thd way art is both funded and created


Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I am the founder of the Mettamodern Mythmaking Collective of Syntonia. I am a ‘behind-the-scenes’ wizard of the #S7Summit. I am a we.

We are looking to connect with the most preposterous artists on the planet for spirit-motivated social action and synergistic co-creation.

We are currently co-creating a next level “ARG” Alternative Reality Game which is truly a Transmedium Production. This production is anticipated to kick-off with an event in Sweden June or Sept 2020.

We are interested to meet new friends, kindred spirits and legendary co-creators here at the most auspicious Trojan DAO-- the #S7Summit will need this kind of undercover asset.

Big Hugs,
Looking forward in getting to know the community and uplifting each other.


Go Preposterous! or Go Home!

Preposterous! or bust!…/the-futures-cone-use-and-history/

“Preposterous – these are the futures we judge to be ‘ridiculous’, ‘impossible’, or that will ‘never’ happen. I introduced this category because the next category (which used to be the edge of the original form of the cone) did not seem big enough, or able to capture the sometimes-vehement refusal to even entertain them that some people would exhibit to some ideas about the future. This category arises from homage to James Dator and his Second Law of the Future—“any useful idea about the future should appear ridiculous” (Dator 2005)—as well as to Arthur C. Clarke and his Second Law—“the only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible” (Clarke 2000, p. 2). Accordingly, the boundary between the Preposterous and the Possible could be reasonably called the ‘Clarke-Dator Boundary’ or perhaps the ‘Clarke-Dator Discontinuity’, since crossing it in the outward direction represents a very important but, for some people, very difficult, movement in prospection thinking. (This is what is represented by the red arrows in the diagram.)”

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Hey all, happy to be here! I’m Jeff from the Commons Stack, we are working on building open source interoperable DAO components that are rigorously designed using the latest tools & practices of Token Engineering. Our aim is to provide a library of tools for communities like TrojanDAO to mix & match, holistically simulate your system in cadCAD, and have confidence that systemic failure modes have been dealt with using good mechanism design.

If you are interested to read more about what we’re doing, check out our intro article or my presentation at the Token Engineering Global Gathering a few weeks ago (where we open sourced cadCAD!):

Cheers all, look forward to working with you!




I’m Stratis and I work on bizdev at DAOstack. Also based in Athens. Looking forward to seeing how this experiment evolves as a DAO.


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Great to have you with us Stratis!

Hi Trojan honorable members!

I am the electric sheep. I am an android’s dream and I’m looking for my herd in a DAO’s dream. I hope I found it here. Please accept my tribute.


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