(How To) Submitting proposals to the Trojan DAO:

Follow this guide on how to draft a proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GKQ2BT8KpZMGgIimgsY7yB26XX7Ry8zA0302vbz7Nzg/edit

Post the proposal draft publicly here

It is up to you to generate interest in your proposal to the other members in order to receive support. A good place to rally support for your proposal, discuss ongoing and future proposals, share ideas, and reach out to the members of the community is inthe “proposals” section of the forum

The proposal can be picked-up by existing members and submitted to the Trojan DAO to become a funded proposal.

Here is a video example of submitting a proposal to the Trojan DAO on behalf of a proposer, who is not yet a member.