How to create a Trojan Grant Proposal

What is Trojan

  • Non-profit grants fund focused on the creation of art projects on Ethereum, community building and impact.

What we fund:

  • Inspirational art projects on Ethereum.

  • Art+blockchain gatherings, exhibitions, workshops, art hackathons.

  • DApps that help build a more accessible, sustainable and decentralized creative ecosystem in the spirit of Web 3.0.

  • Experiments that expand the frontiers of NFTs as a creative medium, connecting with new creators, audiences and participants.

  • Layer 2 solutions : Artists & futurists dont want to be gentrified out of Ethereum because of high transaction fees!

  • Publications and original research on blockchain+art.

How do we support projects beyond funding?

Proposals can provide grants to ongoing projects, provide support for an RFP or fund an idea cultivated in the Trojan Wishlist.

Follow these steps to create a Trojan Grant Proposal

1. Get in touch
If you have a project that you think Trojan would like to fund or support in any way, you can start a discussion around it on the Trojan Wishlist. You can also reach out on the Trojan Telegram group or drop into a Weekly Community Call. You can also Tweet at us. Use this interaction to gain insight that will help you to formulate your idea further and to gather feedback as to whether your proposal would be in the scope of funding.

2. Draft a proposal document

Create a document (eg. dropbox paper, google doc) with a proposal for a grant you’d like Trojan to fund. General proposal requirements are:

  • Project Name
    Project name or one line description
  • Project Description
  • What project are you proposing? What does success look like for this project? (2-3 short paragraphs)
  • Requested Funds (USD)
    Roughly how much funding are you requesting for your project?
  • Team
    Who are you? Who are the other members of your project team (if any). Write or share link to bios.
  • Timeframe and Project Milestones
    How will progress be tracked?
  • Contact Details
    We chat with prospective grantees on Telegram. Please share your Telegram username, and also your email address.
  • Previous Work
    Please provide links to published cv, research, or other documentation that showcases your work.
  • Impact
    What key problem or need are you addressing? How will your work impact the Art+Ethereum ecosystem at large? Who benefits from your work?
  • Needs and Challenges
    What are the most significant obstacles facing your project or your team right now? What are some of your most pressing needs?
  • Anything else you’d like to share with us?

2. Create a forum topic with your proposal draft

Open a new topic on the the Grant Proposal forum thread with the same title as your Grant proposal. Make sure to include a link to your proposal document in the post.

3. Gather feedback on your proposal

Use your proposal draft post to gain initial feedback from the Trojan members. We’ll usually reach out to you within 2-3 days, whereby you can expect either a strong yes signal of interest or a response that it is not a fit.

If Trojan DAO members are interested in supporting your proposal, they can submit it to the DAO for voting. All proposals must be submitted by current members on behalf of new applicants.

Submit the Grant Proposal to the DAO:

To submit a proposal, the proposer (member submitting the proposal) must follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to web3 (the interface currently enables log in through metamask or WalletConnect
  3. In web3 login, click wETH Center
  4. If you don’t have wETH, wrap it! You need 0.3 wETH*.
  5. Enter amount of 0.3 wETH, Approve Trojan
  6. Wait for transaction confirmation
  7. On webpage click “New Proposal”
  8. Enter the proposal’s details.
  9. Submit the proposal and watch it go through the voting process!

Voting on Proposals

After proposals are submitted, members have 7 days to vote, followed by a 7 day grace period. If members are unhappy with the results of a vote, they can ragequit within the grace period and withdraw their funds from the Guild Bank.

If a proposal passes the voting phase successfully, applicants will receive their requested voting shares to become DAO members and participate in the governance of the Trojan DAO.

Voting shares are redeemable for wETH from the Trojan Guild Bank and equal the value of the grant awarded. If beneficiaries choose to withdraw all or a portion of shares (eg. get paid for their work) they must ragequit those shares from the DAO.
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