How to Create a Proposal to the Trojan DAO

Trojan is a community DAO to provide support for autonomous artistic practices.

It allows for members of the cultural community to pool funds together to distribute grants effectively through a DAO structure.

Trojan members submit Grant Proposals to be voted on by other DAO members, to decide how grant distribution occurs. Members can:

  • Post an idea for a project to be funded in the “Proposals” category on the forum for discussion and feedback.
  • Submit proposals for voting

Once you’ve received initial feedback on a project or finalized the proposal and team development process, create a Trojan Grant Proposal.

Creating a Trojan Grant Proposal

1. Draft a proposal document

Create a document (eg. dropbox paper, google doc) with a proposal for a grant you’d like Trojan to fund. General proposal requirements are:

  • Total shares requested/value of grant (the value of each share in wETH at the time of proposal submission is given on the dashboard of the Trojan DAO)
  • Background, experience and/or qualifications of implementer
  • Objectives with grant (what/why/how)
  • Scope of Work
  • Expected output and/or contributions
  • Timeline or roadmap

2. Create a topic about your proposal

Post a topic with the title of your proposal on the forum, for example: MGP: $10K for the creation of an autonomus artist residency program in Athens . Make sure to include a link to your proposal document in the post.

3. Solicit feedback on your proposal

Use your proposal post to gain feedback on your proposal from the Trojan community and engage with experts.

If Trojan members are interested in pushing your proposal forward, they can sponsor it. Proposals must be sponsored by a current member to be submitted for voting.

During the proposal process, sponsoring members may be high-touch to help structure the scope of work, teaming, share issuance etc. Proposals are voted on by DAO members (link to Trojan DAO)

Submitting a Grant Proposal

To submit a proposal, the proposer (member submitting the proposal) must follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login to web3
  3. In web3 login, click wETH Center
  4. If you don’t have wETH, wrap it! You need 0.3 wETH.
  5. Enter amount of 0.3 wETH, Approve Trojan
  6. Wait for transaction confirmation
  7. On webpage click “New Proposal”
  8. Enter proposals details

Note: to submit a Grant Proposal, only the proposer must approve 0.3 wETH, while to submit a membership proposal both the proposer and the applicant (potential new member) must approve 0.3 wETH before submitting the proposal.

Voting on Proposals

After proposals are submitted, members have 7 days to vote, followed by a 7 day grace period. If members are unhappy with the results of a vote, they can ragequit within the grace period and withdraw their funds from the Trojan Bank.

When a vote is passed successfully, applicants receive their requested voting shares. These shares allow applicants to become members and participate in Trojan DAO governance.

Voting shares are redeemable for wETH from the Guild Bank and equal the value of the grant. If implementers choose to withdraw all or a portion of shares (eg. get paid for their work) they must ragequit those shares from the DAO.