How to create a Membership Proposal

If you want to join Trojan DAO, make a proposal to gain membership!

Membership proposal questions:

  • Name or pseudonym
  • Your Ethereum address
  • Telegram username / contact details; Let us know how to reach you!
  • What else have you worked on / how have you contributed to the Web 3.0 art ecosystem?
  • Why do you want to join Trojan DAO?
  • If you had more time, what would you spend your time creating, solving for and experimenting with? What do you want to see others build / experiment within the realm of art+blockchain+NFTs ?
  • What is your pledge size? (3 ETH minimum pledge for individuals, minimum 10 ETH for organisations.
    Individual artists can also pledge by offering NFT art works to the DAO in exchange for sponsored membership!

Optional: Fill out this online form

2. Post a forum topic about your proposal here

Head over to the Membership Proposals forum thread and open a thread with the same title as your proposal. Make sure to include a link to your proposal document in the post. Additionally you can reach out on the Trojan Telegram group and Weekly Community Calls. You can also Tweet at us.

4. Ready to Pledge?

Pledge ETH:
Head over to the Trojan DAO interface (, sign in with your web 3 wallet (Metamask or Wallet Connect).

In the wETH center, wrap the amount of ETH that you would like to pledge into wETH, wait for the first network confirmation, then “Approve Trojan”. (4)

Pledge ART
Share the token address of the NFT artwork that you wish to offer as tribute.
During the summoning process you will be contacted to finalize the transfer of the NFT to the DAO.

5. Your Proposal is submitted to the Trojan DAO for vote
Your proposal needs to be submitted to the DAO for vote by an existing Trojan member.

You can follow the progress of your proposal on the Trojan DAO interface
Existing members will vote for your proposal and if yes votes exceed no votes, your proposal will be accepted. You will be summoned as a DAO member only once the voting period has passed.
As a member of Trojan DAO, you’ll be able to vote on how funding is distributed and summon new members!

If you have any questions join Support Channel on Trojan DAO discord.


If I pledge and apply for membership but don’t get accepted, do I get to keep my funds or pledged art?
Yes, you keep it all.

How long does it take to process my Membership Proposal?

New membership proposals are discussed in Weekly Trojan DAO community calls. Shortly after, either your proposal will be submitted to the DAO for voting or further due diligence will be done. We’ll immediately be in touch with you after the meeting. So roughly 1-2 weeks