Trojan DAO

How to become a member of Trojan DAO

Trojan DAO is basically a bunch of people self organizing, pooling their funds and other resources together around our shared mission:

**To become a member of TrojanDAO and participate in voting:

1. Contribute ETH

  • Individuals: Pledge a minimum of 1 ETH redeemable for 1 share minimum
  • Orgs/DAOs: Pledge a minimum of 5 ETH redeemable for 5 shares minimum (to delegate’s ETH address)

*The guiding ratio for tribute is 1 ETH : 1 voting share


2. Contribute to a DAO Circle

Join a DAO circle. Contribute work. Upon completion, apply for a share in the DAO.

All proposals must be submitted on behalf of applicants by existing members.

Become a member by contributing funds

You can become a member by committing tribute (donation) to the Guild Bank, that is redeemable for voting shares in the DAO. Voting shares allow you to participate in DAO governance

Perspective new members can fill out this online form

Find a Trojan member interested in sponsoring your application.

Note: both the proposer and the applicant (new member) must lock up 0.3 wETH for the proposal submission/voting process. The 0.3 wETH will be returned when the voting period is over.

2. Post a forum topic about your proposal here

Head over to the Membership Proposals forum thread and open a thread with the same title as your proposal. Make sure to include a link to your proposal document in the post. Additionally you can reach out on the Trojan Discord

4. Ready to Pledge?

Pledge ETH:
Head over to the Trojan DAO interface (, sign in with your web 3 wallet (Metamask or Wallet Connect).

In the wETH center, wrap the amount of ETH that you would like to pledge into wETH, wait for the first network confirmation, then “Approve Trojan”. (4)

5. Your Proposal is submitted to the Trojan DAO for vote
Your proposal needs to be submitted to the DAO for vote by an existing Trojan member.

You can follow the progress of your proposal on the Trojan DAO interface
Members will vote for your proposal and if yes votes exceed no votes, you will receive DAO shares as a member once the voting period has passed.
As a member of Trojan DAO, you’ll be then be able to vote on DAO proposals and summon new members!

If you have any questions join Support Channel on Trojan DAO discord.


If I pledge and apply for membership but don’t get accepted, do I get to keep my funds?
Yes, you keep it all.