Guide to contributing to the Trojan Circles

Create a Trojan Circle (Working Group) and offer to lead it

Collaborate within a Circle and then apply for sponsored DAO membership

Working Groups (or Circles) can have specific operational roles within the DAO or can focus on different areas of interest concerning projects to research and get funding for. Circles have their own Circle leads, maintaining rituals of accountability with the rest of the DAO.

DAO members can propose the creation of a new Circle and offer to lead it.
Other participants in the Circles don’t have to be DAO members, but contributing to a Circle is a great way to work-your-way-in towards a sponsored DAO membership!

Circle members all join a Gnosis multisig. Circles will submit new proposals to the DAO for quarterly budgets to pay for operational work. The DAO continuing to fund a Circle is a signal of approval that the work the Circle is doing is adding value.

Circle leads will be expected to recruit multisig signers and provide spending reports to the DAO.

  • Choose a Circle to contribute to, or suggest the creation of a new Circle & offer to lead it / structure it.
  • Make a proposal for the creation of a new Circle, describe how it will be structured and what work do you want to accomplish following these steps.