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Funding Proposal : To the Moon..To the Flow

To the MOON… to the FLOW

Proposal on Trojan DAO:

Funding request: 16 shares ~2900 DAI


The funding proposal to Trojan DAO is for the creation of the artistic project-performance titled “To the MOON… to the FLOW” conceived and executed by the artist Filippos Vasileiou with the participation of collaborators and a group of performers. The project consists of two fundamental pillars: A. creative workshop B. artistic performance.

The project will be produced in an original way, experimentally connecting performance, as an ephemeral art form, with blockchain technology as an organizational tool and as an artistic medium.

The project will also be an occasion for education on the use of blockchain tools for a group of participants, giving a complete experience of working through a DAO.

A documantation team will follow the performer and the participants, recording the action & preparations before the performance.

Through the project we will be exploring how intellectal property and the value of an artwork can be shared between the creator and its contributors, in such a way that there is a kind of co-management of the course of the work.

We will be exploring if a DAO and smart contracts could work as a guarantee that would help the development but also the meritocracy that could exist between contributors involved in the co-creation of a project. Fighting against my self-centeredness as a creator. The goal is for each contributor to have a corresponding fee but also a percentage according to the work they offered (financial as well as intellectual value to everyone).


  • Personal invitation to participants (12-15 July)
  • Public Promo material. 26-27 July. Publish summary article in August, after the project ends.
  • Workshop: 28 July
  • Performance date (1-5 August)

Detailed description

Preparation workshop with the participants:

Workshop and talk with the participants at AS Apollon. 28 July.
The workshop will be divided into two parts:

1. Information about the world of blockchain (crypto)

  • What is a DAO and how does it work? What is Trojan DAO?
  • Can art join and benefit from this new world?
  • How/where can I create NFT artworks?
  • Can I use the blockchain space as a work tool?
  • Creating a wallet and guiding the procedures of participating in on-chain voting, transferring and withdrawing funds.
  • Participation of collaborators/co-creators in the performance “To the Moon… to the Flow” (sharing percentages of the intellectual property of the project.

2. Practical movement workshop by Filippos Vasileiou

  • Focusing on process and work as a project.

*A necessary condition for participation is that each participant’s hair length is equal to or greater than fifteen centimeters.

Participatory Performance:

The performer Filippos Vasileiou, having grown his hair for 7 years, will cut them and send them via a helium weather balloon to the sky.
Along with him, a group of performers will also offer a lock of their hair.

Blockchain infrastructure

The total amount of the sponsorship will be transferred by proposal from the treasury of Trojan DAO to the treasury of a Gnosis multisig that will be created for the management of the sponsorship funds by the participants of the project.

The multisig address for the project is 0x3756BFEB8E259Ec0893F4054378188E83ac34D6f

Creation of metamask wallets by participants.

Budget breakdown

Collaborators: Who is responsible for what

Name Role wallet address Rewards
Filippos Vasileiou Performer / concept 800 DAI
Socrates Background music 200 DAI
Aude (?) Text curation - comms 250 DAI
James Blockchain Infrastructure, Grant Proposal Support 0x86Fd6Dd41Bad636b5b3b9228BC5642Fa0dF392e8 200 DAI
Kostantinos Technical support for weather balloon contruction and flight / video documentation 300 DAI
Performers Participation in performance 400 DAI total distributed equally between participants
Collaborators Rewards Total 2150 DAI
Materials Quantity Cost
Weather Balloon 1 50 DAI
GoPro Camera 1 150 DAI
GPS System 1 50 DAI
Fuel - consumables * 200 DAI
Shovels 5 & 5 50 DAI
Helium Gas 1 200 DAI
Total Material Cost 760 DAI

Total Budget: 2900 DAI

What does this proposal offer back to Trojan DAO?

  • Trojan DAO will be featured as the sponsor of the project in communication materials.
  • 10% of value from the future NFT sales created by the project will be offered as Tribute to the Trojan DAO Treasury.
  • Education and information about Trojan DAO to art community members.

What will be produced and left behind at the end of the project?

  • Archive of the project on the blockchain. NFTs created by the project. Video documentation. One public article.
  • The possibility of a future launch of Filippos Vasileiou project-DAO together with collaborators (Apollo DAO).

How does this proposal promote the mission of Trojan DAO?

  • To cultivate a network of support between autonomousart projects and individuals.
  • Collaborations / synergies, exchanges between artistic projects.
  • Educating individuals and groups to use blockchain technology as a tool for organizing, managing art, archiving, and as a creative medium (supporting each other and connecting with others to learn about this new world together).
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Pre-Launch footage from 12 August 2022! :rocket::full_moon:

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