Forking highpriests.rdai

Enables spendless social giving. A good use-case for art projects that have a social impact!

Donors can send their generated DAI interest to sustain open source projects.

Trojan DAO can leverage this Defi integration for art projects and projects relating to the Trojan DAO development. As an MVP implementation, the curation of projects to be featured can be done via proposals on the Trojan DAO.

There should be an initial exploration of how easy it would be to fork the UI and code from highpriests.rdai, and to ask around for any interested developers to be involved. It may be the case that it would be quite easy to fork.

This idea came up in a discussion between James Simbouras and James Duncan.

Looking for initial feedback. Do you think this integration makes sense? Is it an idea worth pursuing? How can it be further integrated into the DAO flow? Looking forward to thoughts and comments!

Also check out
No-loss donation is going to be very interesting. What other DeFI ideas building on or integrating with rDAI would be interesting to look into?

Some background on rDAI:

Splitting principal and interest

rDai (redeemable DAI) allows you to invest your money in an Interest generating pool, used for collateralized loans. You still hold on to the exact amount you invested, and can spend and transfer it at will.
You also decide who benefits from the generated interest: yourself, a community fund, a charity, or a dApp you are using.
rDAI is a fungible ERC20 token , meaning you can send any amount to any user, and they can always redeem it 1:1 for DAI