Filippos Vasileiou : Trojan DAO proposal for performance and Party (Draft)

Hi all, opening up this proposal draft for ideation!

Notes from call 27.12.19

Much of the call time was taken to discuss / explain the DAO processes and mechanisms (off-chain and on-chain) with Filippos and Kostas.

After that we discussed Filippos current proposal draft, opening it up for feedback.

-Adam’s idea is for Filippos to “test the system” by stating that he will be cashing out a number of shares to cover some cost that is related to the production.

-Press Release: Filippos, James (add info about the DAO).

-Putting funds back in the DAO: Donation box, prints, small sculptures, the Bar.
Filippos can add a description of how he intends to give back the funds into the DAO to add to the proposal.

-Proposal should be requesting 4 Shares total: 3 to use for production cost, 1 to keep.

-Team members (Socrates, Eleni) should request their shares in separate proposals.

Meeting takeaways from new members:
Filippos: I really want to support this experiment, I want to see how it will work for this artistic project, and gain experience with working with the DAO. Also, I want it to be sustainable, and im happy to put back funds into the DAO if we succeed to make a profit. In the long run, I would like the DAO to be sustainable by having sources of funding such as grants, and be able to distribute funds to art projects without asking for anything back.

Kostas: Beyond funding, I like that it is a way of working, for ideas to be supported and find help to grow - community. I am going to start to draft my first proposal to join the DAO this week.