Creating festivals from a DAO

Hi I am working with DAOs and I am trying to see how it is possible to run a festival ( or a concert) from a DAO. I was thinking to create a model that any community could fork and use it for organizing their own festivals. Also I was thinking this could be a good way to create a stream of income for the community and the tha bank of DAO.

More details on the project:
Let’s say we have a community that want to pass a message and organize a festival for that. The first step is to create a Moloch-like DAO that they will join and in this way they will collect some funds. Then they will create a forum that they can talk and decide about the details of the festival. For example where and when the festival will happen, who will join the festival, what kind of advertise will do and any other specific. Then someone will create a Colony( ) that will have all this tasks and any one from the community could apply for any of this tasks. Then a proposal will be on the DAO that presents the plan of the festival and the members will vote. If it passes the funds will be moved to the Colony and the preparation will start.
I am still looking if it is possible to use the money from the tickets to go back to the DAO but I haven’t found a solution for this. However after research I found that people are working on that and I hope that soon we will have some solution for that.

Currently I have organized 2 small scale concerts and I have connections with musicians and people that have the equipment and space to organize something like this. I am planning soon to create a forum on Discorce to start talking more about this but I had problems with the email set up :confused: but I hope I will find a way to deal with it soon.
Then I am planing to set up the DAO and start working with the community.
What steps did Trojan DAO follow to succeed ?
I would really like to talk with the people that are behind this and see together how we can run this experiment with success.

How can Trojan DAO help me somehow?

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