Contributing to the Trojan DAO-as-artwork

How does the Trojan DAO evolve itself as a unique artwork?

The Trojan DAO is conceived as a DAO-as-artwork with multiple creators and curators, a socio-cybernetic sculpture that uses its own mechanisms to drive its evolution, based on the autonomy and synergy of its contributors. It belongs and is governed by all whose work make it happen.

The rules of the game are simple:

Make a proposal that approaches and contributes to the Trojan DAO and its code as an artistic creation: The proposal could be about interface development, DAO mechanisms, DAO processes, integrations, improvements, a conceptual proposal, there really is no limit to what can be proposed beyond the imagination of the proposer.

Your proposal will be submitted and voted on by the curators of the Trojan DAO. If your proposal passes the voting phase successfully, the Trojan DAO will award you for your contribution with the amount of DAO shares that you requested in your proposal. You can use these shares to access the funds (in Ether) that they represent from the Trojan Bank to reimburse yourself as a creator at any time, or you can choose to hold on to Shares as a curator and partial owner of the Trojan DAO. Shares also count as voting power within the Trojan DAO. You can use this voting power to retain an active role in curating and shaping its ongoing development by participating together with the other curators in voting on the next proposals.

Proposal template:

Proposal title:

Ethereum Address: The address that you used to pledge

Short Pitch (1-2 sentences): Make a pitch of your concept to the curators. Describe your concept, and how it will be materialized.

Describe how your proposal contributes to evolving the Trojan DAO as an artwork and why the curators should vote to support it.

Shares requested: How many shares are you requesting in exchange for your work? (The current value in $ per share appears on the Trojan DAO Dashboard, use this to calculate how much funding you will be requesting).

What is your pledge size? (min 0.3 ETH): The minimum pledge to submit together with an application is 0.3 ETH. If you pledge funds but your proposal doesn’t get accepted, you get to keep all your funds.

  • Proposer: Relevant information on your background and artist CV (in case of an artistic proposal) to help the community to get to know you. Social verification links are important to prove who you are!
  • Context: give more background about your idea and its objectives.
  • Deliverables: What will be the outcome of the project?
  • Breakdown of costs: how will you distribute the requested funds?
  • People involved: who is going to do the work? What relevant experience do they have?
  • Timeline: The deadlines and milestones for the project.
  • References & background links: add links to provide helpful details and background on your project, or other related projects you have done.

Alternatively you can join Trojan DAO through several means:

  1. Apply for funding of an art project / program
    Example: Grant Proposal for μPorn 2 Dream exhibition and performance

  2. Get involved and do work for the DAO to earn your way in.

Example: TGP: Trojan DAO UX development

  1. Join a working group. Trojan DAO will mint a limited number of Shares (30 shares per member) to selected participants to bootstrap the emergence of its ecosystem. To find out how to join as as a member of the Trojan DAO’s working groups please follow the links:

What are the Trojan DAO working groups?