Beginning migration of Trojan to Moloch v2

Beginning migration of Trojan to Moloch v2

This is a proposal to begin the process of migration to Trojan V2:

  • Gives us opportunity to leverage the new features available with Moloch v2, including improved treasury management.
  • Migration presents an opportunity to enter an incubation phase to work on the Mission, Structure, and Governance for Trojan DAO v2 ahead of launch. Currently the telegram discussion group for sharing ideas and feedback on Trojan V2 is here:

The end outcome of V2 migration will be all the funds from the Guildbank of V1 to be transferred to an instance of Moloch V2.

The process would be as follows: (subject to input, especially from more technical folks such as the DAOHAUS team)

  1. Summon a Moloch v2 DAO, Trojan v2
  2. Assign everyone shares 1:1 to their shareholding in Trojan DAO v1
  3. Create a proposal in v1 to withdraw the ETH from the Guildbank.The migration will be administered by a multisig, that can safekeep the funds in DAI until deposited into v2.
  4. Create a proposal in v2 to convert the deposited funds into a wETH:stablecoin set.
  5. Everyone would then have the same share weighting in the new Trojan DAO V2 as in v1.

Future discussion for the distribution of an amount of xDAI from the Guildbank to provide seed funding for Circles (working groups), into multisigs or child-DAOs on xDAI, that can be summoned and can receive budgets via on-chain proposals to the mainnet DAO via minion.

Next steps:

  1. Forum discussion on the idea of migration to V2
  2. Create a multisig to withdraw the funds from V1 until the migration to V2 is completed. The funds should be held in DAI. Recruit co-signers to join the multisig among current DAO members.

Keen on feedback concerning the above. It would be good to throw any thoughts & feedback on this post - so as to begin the process if the above makes sense.