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Interface exhibition at the Year Of DAOs Conference, Osaka Blockchain Week

INTERFACE provides an opportunity to cultivate a globally distributed DAO, as we leverage the creative and blockchain communities established through Trojan DAO, Blocumenta and Bitfwd (Australia) in this collaborative DAO-as-Artwork.

Trojan DAO Conference:

Let’s talk about the art Economy. DAOs meet the Art World

The alternative economy for art has arrived. Let us jump off the crash course of unfair 1% games, let’s enjoy art and celebrate creativity!
An event created by Trojan DAO for Berlin Blockchain Week

Trojan DAO at the ETHBerlin Culture Room

Participating in the culture room exhibition, with material from the Academy Gardens project.

Alongside the Culture Room art display and new to this year, ETHBerlin hosted conversations from leading creators and visionaries on how blockchain is reshaping our connection to art: Trojan DAO, Ruth Catlow, Penny Rafferty, Sarah Friend, and Ilan Katin.