About the Event Organizers category

Join Hackumenta as an Event Organizer

Event Organizers join the DAO based on proposals voted on by the existing members

  • Groups, Teams and artist-run spaces in Athens and outside the city are invited to propose their own events and projects of participation, as well as to create a framework of local knowledge and shared resources for hosting Hackumenta festival.

  • Art groups and DAOs from outside Greece can contribute to building the Hackumenta decentralized art program, by proposing their own projects of participation.

Event Organisers all join Hackumenta by making a proposal with their project of participation in which they offer a shared resource that other teams participating to Hackumenta can use. This could be a venue - space, a service, or an offer to co-create part of the festival’s art program. After all, we would love for synergies between teams to emerge through Hackumenta, so that it emerges as something greater than the sum of its parts.