Trojan DAO

About proposal Phase 1: Ideation

Topics for discussion, but not for formal on chain votes. As a topic becomes a proposal, event, or FAQ, we will move the topic to the correct Category

This phase allows proposals to gather community feedback before opening a formal off-chain poll.

Phase I Duration:


Phase I Passing Requirement

For proposals to successfully pass from Phase 1 to Phase 2, at least 5 members must signal positive support.

Trojan is a DAO coordinating resources to create an open-source decentralized art biennale

Trojan Discourse forum
The Trojan Discourse forum is created to enable public discussions on DAO proposals as well as feedback for future proposals and ideas.

Use this forum to:

  • Post and discuss ideas and/or proposal drafts
  • Comment or provide feedback on proposals
  • Give feedback or suggestions on how the DAO can be improved